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Welcome to the XPFR production site !
Our team brings together some of the best French-speaking developpers.
We build FREEWARE planes and sceneries for the X-Plane simulator.
A random plane...
Sim-Air suggests :
category: CIVILIAN JET
Eclipse Aerospace Eclipse 400
(Downloads :5555)
The Eclipse 400 is a four seat, single engine very light jet, designed by Eclipse Aviation, manufacturer of the more famous Eclipse 500.   The aircraft was designed and manufactured secretly in a very short time, and unveiled for the [...]
A random scenery...
XPFR suggests :
close to St Dizier
LFSI St Dizier
(Downloads :1478)
113 Saint-Dizier-Robinson air base of the French Air Force is located near Saint-Dizier city, in Haute-Marne department.
The last "airborne" aircraft...
Beber suggests :
category: MILITARY JET
(Downloads :19825)
Dassault Rafale is a French military aircraft conceived by Avions Marcel Dassault-Breguet Aviation (AMD-BA) and produced by Dassault Aviation. This ambitious program has a difficult goal: Harmonizing the French Armies aims standard before [...]
The latest scenery release...
greg86450 suggests :
close to Tours
LFOT_LFEN Tours Val de Loire/705/Sorigny
(Downloads :690)
Welcome to Tours on the military base 705 as well as the city and the airports of Tours Loire Valley and Tours Sorigny . Also included in this stage of the monuments of the city of Tours as the Cathedral, City Hall , the Belfry , a lot of [...]
Have you ever tried this aircraft?
Lamahelo suggests :
category: AEROBATICS
Stampe SV4C
(Downloads :1494)
The Stampe SV-4 is a biplane drawn for training that was later used for aerobatics. Letters "SV" are shorts for belgian ingeniors Stampe et Vertongen who have drawn the plane
This version is for x-plane 8.60. It is quite the same as the v9 [...]
Have you ever landed here?
Brother suggests :
close to Cayenne
SBOI Oiapoque
(Downloads :291)
Very close to Saint Georges de l'Ooyapoque, on the other bank of the river, the Oiapoque brasilian city's airport has a comfortable 1200 meters long paved runway. It is a complement to XPFR's scenery "Aerodromes secondaires de Guyane [...]
Most downloaded aircraft...
Beber suggests :
category: AEROBATICS
Sbach 300
(Downloads :28437)
First aerobatic aircraft using up to 95% carbon material and designed by one of the best aerobatic german pilot, the Sbach 300 of the XtremeAir company is certainly the most powerful aerobatic aircraft today. Able to pass insane figures in [...]
Most downloaded scenery...
XPFR suggests :
close to Papeete (Tahiti)
NTAA Iles de la Société
(Downloads :48327)
14 islands and 9 airports. All the Society Islands are detailed with a high quality photorealistic coverage (a great work has been made on the water transparencies of lagoons) : Tahiti (NTAA), Moorea (NTTM), Bora-Bora (NTTB), Huahine [...]

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