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The group XPFR have formed XPFR Association (in term of french law of 1901)...

Why ?

Until late 2012, the group XPFR was informal. The website as the domain were funded by members in their own right and therefore were their property. In case of their departure from the group or temporary inactivity, their properties could become inaccessible to the group, with imaginable consequences.

It seemed important to us to perpetuate the XPFR group by providing a structure that can have ownership of its assets in a completely independence from members who belong.

Thus, at the beginning of 2013 came the XPFR Association, a corporation that now owns the hosting and domain name.

As an association, XPFR has the status of a legal person, which allows him to participate formally in the name of event, to raise funds and have a bank account, to be more independent and better ensure continuity of its operation.

Small Historical

All started in February 2007 with "XPFR.scenery". This site was set up by ManuG and Chouchou2570 and was intended to offer conversions of FS sceneries for France with the agreement of the authors.

In 2008, Beber created "XPFR.Aéroplanes" (the sister site of XPFR.scenery) to gather developers of aircraft. These two sites were immediately a great success, thanks to the quality of their productions and their teams.

In 2009, XPFR.scenery threatened to close. Victim of success, the maintenance burden became too heavy. It was so when happened Arno54, who proposed to create a site with some automated management to minimize the maintenance time and release this time to the creations. This new momentum enabled firmly secure sustainability the volunteer team and was also the opportunity to combine the two twin sites in a single site called: XPFR !

Since then, Pascal took over from Arno54 to allow XPFR to enjoy an ergonomic and robust sharing tool able to offer no less than 50 aircraft and 300 scenes but also meet the growing demand of users will soon reach one million downloads.

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